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On behalf of Master Choi, we are pleased to share with you some of the many testimonials from individuals who have been treated by Master Choi. The conditions are listed alphabetically. If, however, you cannot find the condition you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to see if we have one related to that condition.

I cannot say enough nice things about Master Choi!  I see him every 2-3 weeks and he has helped me so much.  My stress and anxiety are gone, I always sleep better, and have so much focus that I feel like I could conquer the world. He treated my daughter for a cold (no needles) and she was better the next day, I could hardly believe it.  He is so nice and caring, I would recommend him to anyone!          - Jennifer F.Raleigh, NC

Master Choi has performed acupuncture on me to help me with stress, insomnia, and head aches. At first I was a little afraid of needles, but I barely felt most going in! He took his time to discuss my personal health and a course of treatment. He has been wonderful! I saw an improvement with my sleep within two treatments! I was also having night sweats and rarely have those anymore. I highly recommend Peter Choi for any treatment! He is very accommodating with appointments with office hours on Mon-Sat.                                                                                                - S D.Cary, NC

This review is for Acupuncture at Crabtree Chiropractic. Master Choi is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to thoroughly explain the treatment process. This therapy is not a quick fix. It takes a committment from the patient, but it's worth the time and effort. Over the past 6 months, I have noticed significant improvement in my problem areas. Master Choi assesses you completely and can treat a broad range of problems successfully. If you are looking at alternate medicine, I highly recommend Master Choi. 
                                                                                              - Kimberly H.Wendell, NC

My prior experience with acupuncture was the ear only. Master Choi works the whole body. The consul meeting with Master Choi was very effective in identifying my problem areas. In addition; Master Choi gave me his expectations.  After my first six (6) visits with Master Choi; I have experience a 70% reduction in pain for carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and knee problems. I had immediate relief with my TMJ. Other than having a challenge remembering to take a bath instead of a shower; Master Choi has exceeded my initial expectations. Master Choi has been very patient in answering my questions. He can answer your questions, too. Master Choi can make a difference for you!                                                                      - Debra S.Raleigh, NC

I never had acupuncture until about 2 months ago. I had been suffering with severe pain in both of my elbows from "tennis elbow". Before seeing Master Choi, I had tried everything possible~ stretching exercises, cortisone injections, wrist braces, cold/hot packs, etc. None of them worked! I only had about 3 months that were pain free from the cortisone injections but eventually those didn't work. My next option was surgery. I didn't want that at all. I had heard a lot of good things about acupuncture and found Master Choi online. Since I have been seeing Master Choi, my pain has greatly decreased and is more tolerable. Master Choi is also helping me with my depression and acid reflux through acupuncture. It is working in all aspects of my life and I have been thrilled by the results. I definitely recommend Master Choi. He is the best and his fees are incredibly reasonable. Acupuncture works for many different ailments in life and I am a believer. I have also seen great results with my overall mental health as well as my acid reflux disease. Life is too short to live in pain. Got Acupuncture??!!
                                                                                                     - Greg W.Raleigh, NC

I have used  acupuncture off and  on  for  about 15 years for  depression, anxiety, stress and other  issues. I must say that I have  found Master Choi to clearly be the best  acupuncturist I have ever used. He really IS a Master. I have  had dramatically reduced  stress and  anxiety,  able to eat  healthy  and less compulsively,  better sleep.
I also  had him treat me  for  an ongoing back issue that  becaem very  severe and it seems to have  resolved to a level I have never experienced before. And his prices are very very  affordable. I  wholeheartedly  recommend  Master  Choi
                                                                                                   - Robert G.Raleigh, NC

Master Choi has treated me for various things, ranging from sleep disturbances to severe pain after an auto accident.  He has a genuinely caring and friendly nature that you don't find often with providers these days.  He is ALWAYS happy.  He is very thorough and will always hear you out.  He will address all of your concerns and will do his absolute best for you. I always thought acupuncture treatments would be hard to quantify as sucessful...that i "might" feel differently, or the pain "might" be lessened.   I can say with certainty that his treatments had me sleeping better, and the pain reduction was amazing!  I can even file my receipts with my HSA account for reimbursement.                                                                          - Erin S.Morrisville, NC


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